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Eco-friendly technology

Tomate products are eco-friendly products. It means our philosophy is respect to the environment. Using Tomate products can contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources of energy. Tomate’s eco-friendly products also prevent contributions to air, water and pollution.

TOMATE induction cooking products are produced in accordance to ROHS standards. It is the standard established by European law and came into effect on 1 July 2006 to protect people and the environment from the toxic substances present in electrical and electronic products. The electric cooker from TOMATE is a smokeless product, not harmful to health or the environment.

TOMATE induction cooktop using SCHOTT CERAN® and NIPPON NEG glass top, which is important material is  quartz sand. It  is what mainly contributes to resource friendly production our cooker glass, this raw material is available in nature in virtually unlimited quantities. Furthermore, 98% of the pieces that break during our production process are recycled.
SCHOTT sets a good example, both technologically and ecologically. After all, we are the world’s first manufacturer that has succeeded in producing glass-ceramic cooktop panels in an environmentally friendly manner. Unlike conventional methods, the melting technology we developed does not require the use of toxic heavy metals. No arsenic. No antimony. We don’t use anything that could harm nature or our customers’ and employees’ health – a genuine milestone that allows us to save the environment more than 180 tons of heavy metals each year and, in the process, meet tomorrow’s ecological standard.
We place great importance on acting sustainably and really take this seriously. As a company that is owned by a foundation, social responsibility is anchored in our statute. But our work is not only aimed at maximizing profit. We follow a vision: offering innovations that make people’s lives safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. This is why we are so committed to the environment and to social responsibility. We also support the sciences and take care of our employees and their families.
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