TOMATE is a Spanish brand of kitchen appliances copyrighted in Spain with No. M3560791 granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Spain, it is the high-end products which bring perfect values of European lifestyle: Eternal beauty, Innovation,Energy Efficiency, Safety, Eco-environmental & friendly.

TOMATE ideas and designs are a tool to connect perception and concept. It is the functional facts that draw our path. As a result, TOMATE attain the outcome by focusing on the need in perception and respond to the demand with the most unique and functional products. TOMATE design philosophy is focused on a next generation, functional and pleasing culinary experience.

TOMATE formulate the new generation kitchens through the seamless integration of minimal, bold, easily distinguishable, simple, and intuitive products for which the advanced culinary technologies are employed with the modern lifestyle.

In 2013, SONG SON CO., LTD is formally become the distributor of   TOMATE’s products in Vietnam Market. Since that, the Company has not stopped innovating and learning. And thanks to the support and belief of customers that contribute the brand image and TOMATE’s products are granted as “Prestigious products” for Vietnamese people.

All these values constitute the commitment we represent. Contemporary, far-from-obsolete, innovative products employing the up-to-date technologies and adding pleasure to life.